Let us meet one of Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths’ operators, Emma!

What is your role at Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths?

When Lotsa Laffs gets a call to run a photo booth for a special event, I am one of the operators that sets up and runs the machine.

What is the wildest thing that ever happened in the photo booth? One of the wildest things that I have seen while operating the photo booth is when a group holds a person up off of the ground while taking a picture.

What do you enjoy most when operating the photo booth?

Seeing the people having fun and smiling behind the camera. It makes me feel good seeing the joy in people’s faces.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

If you had a pet, what kind would it be?

I do have a dog. She is the baby in the family that everyone loves to snuggle next to.

What’s your favorite family tradition?

The ethnic food that my mother makes for holidays.

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

My dog since she gets to relax and snooze a lot.

What is your favorite photo booth prop?

I love the fans. People love to open them and do some amazingly funny poses with them in hand.

What event was your favorite?

Every year I look forward to seeing the PSU graduates. The PSU Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) have a Winter Gala each year, and Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is one of the vendors for the event. I look forward to saying hello to the students that have been coming to the Winter Gala since Lotsa Laffs has been the photo booth for the event.

What advice do you give to users of your photo booth?

I usually tell users to smile and have fun behind the camera!

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Today let’s meet one of Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths’ owners, Nancy.

Hello Nancy! What is your role at Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths?

I am an owner/operator of Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths in State College, PA. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is a woman-owned business.

When people ask “What do you do?” how do you answer?

I tell them I own and operate a photo booth company and a DJ business.

How did you come up with your name?

We wanted the photo booth name to be fun and exciting. Lotsa Laffs became our name, telling clients that we promote and excel at making an event really enjoyable with pictures.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Being at an event with a Lotsa Laffs Photo Booth, of course!

What’s your favorite family tradition?

Having my family around the table.

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

I would swap places with my dog. She has it made!

What did you do before you did this?

I worked as an electrical engineer.

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

When my husband and I started dating, I found out he had a DJ business with his friend while in high school. My husband saw I loved weddings and extensively knew the course of events. I saw his love for music and suggested getting back into the DJ business.

How did you get into the photo booth business?

I was DJing an event, and the client had a photo booth. The photo booth wasn’t a booth per se, but just a photographer’s camera on a tripod. I walked from that event away telling my husband I could do much better.

My husband and I worked together to completely design our booth, implement the right software and utilize entertaining props. Today, we have multiple open air photo booths that we have designed and continue to look at ways to make them better.

What is your favorite photo booth prop? 

My favorite photo booth prop is the plunger. I always laugh when I see what people do behind the camera with that particular prop.

What advice do you give to users of your photo booth? 

I always tell people to smile and have fun behind the camera!

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had the pleasure of celebrating Lex’s sixteenth birthday at the Joshua House located in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. And We Danced DJ Entertainment provided the birthday girl and guests with an awesome musical selection of hits to pull people onto the dance floor. Lex’s mother set up, decorated and prepared the marvelous selection of delicious food and scrumptious soup for the birthday girl’s guests and family. Lex made sure to dance and take pictures with her three older brothers, mom, dad and friends. Lex’s guests sang “Happy Birthday” with the help of And We Danced DJ Entertainment to her before blowing out the sixteen candles on her cake. She thanked everyone for attending and couldn’t wait to dance and take pictures!

Lex chose an exquisite 2×6, 4-picture, black and gold glitter border template for her birthday celebration. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had birthday handheld props available for guests along with silly hats, boas, glasses and masks. Once the guests were behind the camera, they were quickly changing their props for each picture. The photo booth was never idle and always had guests behind the BIG red camera. Later in the evening, guests were dancing around with hats and boas. Take a look at the pictures below to see the awesome time the guests were having!

The main purpose of a sweet sixteen party in the United States is the celebration of a child maturing into young adulthood. A sweet sixteen party can be simple or very elaborate. In the state of Pennsylvania, a newly turned sixteen year old can apply for a driver’s license. It is an exciting time because the sixteen year old begins to take on more responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Thank you Lex for allowing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths be part of your Sweet 16 celebration!

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had a wonderful time at Vince and Megan’s wedding reception at the Above The Valley Event Center.

Vince and Megan were married in Denver, Colorado and decided to have a reception in the State College area for friends and family. 2019 was the 10 year anniversary of their being a couple, and they emphasized that their wedding reception was a celebration of their first decade together!

Once guests were finished with dining on some fabulous food, they quickly walked over to the photo booth area to begin creating their dazzling ensembles. They began trying on flamboyant hats that would set the stage for their photo session. Many grabbed boas and masks along with hand held props to generate spectacular pictures. Everybody was ready to pose for the camera.

Guests were eager to dance the night away to the grooves, lights and emceeing of And We Danced DJ Entertainment while mugging for their picture at the photo booth. Many people made sure to take a picture with their significant other. Groups started to build with friends trying to outdo each other with the hilarious props! We were laughing so hard as people squished behind the camera. Photo bombing was the norm later in the night as guests kept the hilarity soaring. No one wanted to leave at the end of the night. We really enjoyed the opportunity to party with these fine people.

At the end of the night, many of the guests thanked Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths for a great time! We had a totally awesome time ourselves, and we thank Vince and Megan for inviting us to provide photo booth fun for their wedding reception. Many congratulations to both of you and good luck to you in Denver, Colorado!

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State College, PA, January 18, 2020. — Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths was announced a winner of the 2020 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®, an accolade representing the top wedding professionals across the board in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism reviewed by couples on WeddingWire. A leader in the global wedding planning industry, WeddingWire continues its celebration of local wedding vendors with the announcement of its twelfth annual WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® winners. To determine these distinguished wedding professionals, WeddingWire analyzed reviews across more than 20 service categories, from venues and caterers to florists and photographers to find the most highly rated vendors of the year. These winners exhibit superior professionalism, responsiveness, service, and quality when interacting with the millions of consumers who turn to WeddingWire to help ease their wedding planning process each month.

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is honored to be one of the top wedding businesses in State College, PA on WeddingWire.com.

For more information about Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths, please visit us on WeddingWire. To learn more about the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®, please visit www.weddingwire.com/couples-choice-awards.

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had the recent pleasure of celebrating the holiday season with Foxdale Village at the State College Ramada Hotel and Conference Center. Foxdale Village chose a charming 2×6, 4-picture red snowflake and white snow border for the night’s picture posing activities. An amusing array of Christmas hats, glasses and handheld props were available for guests while posing behind the Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths BIG camera. Lighthearted enthusiasm ensued as guests stepped behind the BIG camera and posed for pictures. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths captured the sweet smiles along with the silliness of the holiday season.

Foxdale Village offers a holistic approach in providing services for older retirement people and was modeled after Quaker-directed communities existing in southeast Pennsylvania. They have been in existence in the State College community since 1990. Foxdale offers an assortment of apartments or cottage homes for older retirement people to live in. Besides living within the community, residents have a chance to meet others, participate in educational lectures or classes, work out together, and dine together. Transportation is also available to attend appointments and go shopping.

Foxdale Village also offers residents living in the village wellness opportunities and have onsite physical therapy if needed. All retirement people have an opportunity to participate in State College Area School District and Penn State educational classes. Penn State offers retirees who enjoy learning to take classes through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Many OLLI classes are held right in Foxdale Village. Besides classes, OLLI also offers trips to dinner theaters, hiking or joining a reading group. Foxdale Village has a great deal to offer people who are contemplating a move to a retirement community and continue to grow and thrive.

Thank you Foxdale Village for choosing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be a part of your holiday season!

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School is definitely out for summer in the Centre County region! Seniors have tossed their caps in cheer, settled their tassels in a place of honor and are looking to celebrate their graduation with fun and excitement! Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths recently had the pleasure of celebrating with Jenna, a Class of 2019 graduate, under the gorgeous Centre Country sunset!

Jenna’s favorite color is blue, and so Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths designed a special border to feature her color choice. The border featured this color along with fireworks, diploma and a cap in her school color. The fireworks on the border symbolize the happiness a graduate feels when accepting their diploma.

Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths used their closed photo booth during Jenna’s graduation party. Family and friends entered the booth and began posing for pictures. Jenna was constantly smiling and bedazzling friends with her cheer in each photo shot. Graduation props were raised, exclaiming “I made it!” After taking pictures, friends and family gathered around to sign and decorate Jenna’s photo booth memory book for the event. Jenna’s pooch had a chance to ham it up behind the camera alongside her fellow graduates and family members. As the stars began peeking through, friends and family continued to grab boas, hats, masks and hand held props. At the end of the night, Jenna thanked Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths for making her celebration spectacular!

Utilizing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is a great way to remember a graduation! We can easily set up a booth outside or inside for people to take serious or amusing pics! Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths has a great deal of entertaining and engaging props for all ages.

Thank you Jenna for allowing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be a part of your Class of 2019 celebration. Good luck as you continue your search for knowledge at Penn State!

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The summer season is a time to relax and have fun! Why not add Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to your summer events to bring on the best of times? As a mainstay for events, the fun of a photo booth has become an enduring fixture at weddings, celebrations, parties, proms or even company conferences. Photo booths do not detract guests away from the party. Instead, they offer a fun addition to the dancing and merriment!

At the booth, people mingle, laugh and even get pulled into other photo shoots. It is a time to get to know someone but in a fun and laughable way! Special moments are immortalized. Photos transport everybody back in time to a special fun filled moment and all of the memories associated with that momentous time in your life.

Hiring a photo booth makes a great shared gift for the bride and groom in a wedding. So, if your friends are getting married, consider banding together and gifting the newlyweds some awesome fun with Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths for their wedding reception! If you are getting married, why not hint to your friends and family that Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths would be a great addition to your big day.

The photo strip border design that you receive with your prints contains information about the event, and many times the border design highlights the event. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths has many different border designs to choose from when selecting a border for your event. So, if you are looking for sun, the sea with beach chairs, a luau or a pirate map for a photo strip border, Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths can successfully accommodate your theme.

If you have a company logo with specific graphics, we can certainly place those on the border. In weeks, months and years to come, the displayed photo border will also advertise your company, party or event. Remember that we design our photo strip borders completely from scratch, so ANYTHING is possible!

Adding a photo booth to any event will have guests talking for years about the fantastic fun they experienced! Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is great at helping guests create memories that will leave a lasting impression. Our recent expansion ensures that our quality photo booths will be available for your next event!

Call, text or email us today to guarantee an awesome event!

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths spent a fantastic night with Penn State’s Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women as they celebrated their Sweetheart Formal at Mad Mex the night before Valentine’s Day. The Pi Beta Phi ladies were dressed to impress in various shades but predominantly in pinks, reds and white in celebration of the Valentine holiday. The ladies were escorted to the festivities by their significant others and were greeted by a DJ spinning danceable club hits. Mad Mex had a marvelous array of food available for the girls and their sweethearts, but no one could pass up a picture opportunity at the Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths photo setup.

Pi Beta Phi picked a beautiful 2×6, 4-picture, pink border designed by Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths that was enhanced with hearts, kisses and hugs for the event. Guests picked from an array of hats, hand-held Valentine props, masks, boas, glasses, and frames to dress themselves before heading behind the camera. Since there were four shots, and limited time between shots, guests grabbed a few extra props to change between sets. Guests were continuously smiling, posing and wowing the crowd with their awesome photo ideas. One couple jumped into their significant others arms and posed for a picture in the carrying-the-bride-over-the-threshold style.

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women promotes friendship, enriches members lives through community service, cultivates leadership among its members, and develops the intellect and integrity of their women members. The girls joining the women’s fraternity are afforded many benefits that include honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, sincere friendships, integrity and lifelong commitment. Members are part of a sister network that helps the girls grow personally and professionally throughout their lives. Pi Beta Phi members are very concerned with literacy and promote the need to read. Opportunities are available for members to receive scholarships as undergraduates, graduates and furthering their education with continuing education opportunities. In 2017 the chapter celebrated 150 years! If you are a young woman looking for a women’s fraternity at Penn State, take a look at Pi Beta Phi.

Thank you Pi Beta Phi for allowing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be a part of your 2019 Sweetheart Formal!

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