Photo Booths are considered to be a mainstay for events, but what makes the experience so much fun?  Why do people keep coming back with different props and posing for a picture?  Along with an awesome DJ, why has the fun of a photo booth become such an important backbone at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs or even company parties?

Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths provides a chance for guests to live out their fantasies!  Their fantasy might be sailing the seas as a pirate or searching for new land as a Viking…and we can continue with the imaginings!  The main thing to remember is that you have a chance to be someone or something else for fun.  That’s right!  It is fun and exciting standing in front of the camera, grabbing a prop, mugging for the picture and quickly repeating the process until your session is through.  Once that photo strip is in your hand, you have a piece of memorabilia to look at for years to come.  This is a fun token to remember a wedding, birthday or graduation for years to come.

The photo strip border design that you receive with your prints usually contains information about the event, and many times the border design highlights the event.  Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths has many different border designs to choose from when selecting a border for your event.  So, if you are looking for sun, the sea with beach chairs, a luau or a pirate map for a photo strip border, Lotsa Laffs can definitely accommodate your theme.  If you have a company logo with specific graphics, we can certainly place those on the border.  In weeks, months and years to come, the displayed photo border will also advertise your company, party or event.  Remember that we design our photo strip borders completely from scratch, so ANYTHING is possible!

Photo booths do not detract guests away from the party.  Instead, they offer a brief reprieve from the dancing and merriment.  At the booth, people mingle, laugh and even get pulled into other photo shoots.  It is a time to get to know someone but in a fun and laughable way!  Contact Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths today to begin creating your own fun experience!

We can’t believe the BLAST that we are all having!!!


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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths recognizes that no matter where you look today, pictures capture endearing moments in your life. Snap, and a special moment is immortalized. Click, and it is zooming towards your favorite social media site. Photos transport us back in time to a special fun filled moment, and all the memories associated with that momentous time in your life. Photos are a gift that keeps giving, so why not give the wedding gift that keeps giving as a gift to a bridal couple on their special day?

Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths  captures unselfconscious and zany fun at any event.  Our booth is a party by itself. Lotsa Laffs specializes in combining chic photo strip designs, fashionable props, stylized backdrops with the bridal couple’s vision and goals for an amusing and enjoyable time! Memorable keepsakes can be taken home and sent to social media. The newlyweds also walk away with a keepsake filled with photos and messages capturing the joy of friends and family members. Do you want awesome laffs at your friend’s wedding?

While hiring a photo booth might not be reasonable for one individual’s budget, it makes a great shared gift for the bride and groom. So, if your friends are getting married, consider banding together and gifting the newlyweds some awesome fun with Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths for their wedding reception! If YOU ARE getting married, why not hint to your friends and family that Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths would be a great addition to your big day. 

Your Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths wedding gift will be the gift that keeps on giving!  Make us your wedding photo booth!  Call, email or text us today to make possible that special wedding gift for your favorite bride and groom.


Saying cheese and posing!


Thanks for the memories!


What time are you guys open?


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A Sweet Sixteen, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Prom or Wedding are BIG events in a person’s life. These events require a great deal of planning. Everyone knows the party must have the right DJ, location, food and especially a photo booth.

A photo booth provides all guests with fabulous shots that capture the mood and excitement of the event. Everyone waits in line, grabs some props and poses for a picture. Later, they return with more friends to capture a great moment. No matter the age, everyone has fun mugging for the camera.

Adding a photo booth to any one of these events will have guests talking for months about the fantastic fun they experienced!  Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths is great at helping guests create memories that will leave a lasting impression. Make us your wedding photo booth or special event photo booth.  Call, text or email us today to guarantee an awesome event! 


This is SO much fun!


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This past July, Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths designed two ice cream cone borders with dripping chocolate and vanilla ice cream for the Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Treat Day at the State College Dairy Queen. All ages stepped behind the BIG camera and posed for a picture, but the overall favorite ice cream border for the day was chocolate. It was pretty close with 52% picking chocolate versus 48% choosing vanilla.  This was Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths second year helping out at Miracle Treat Day.

Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had tons of fun with the people stopping by for a blizzard as well as the Dairy Queen employees. We also got some great photos of Froggy, Froggy 101’s mascot, the Dairy Queen Dilly Bar mascot, and various radio personalities. Check out the nifty photo booth strips that show all of the great fun!  Looking forward to Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day in 2018!   #LotsaLaffsPhotoBooths    



We had lotsa fun and laffs helping out the Children’s Miracle Network in 2017!



All photos in this blog post by Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.