Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had an amusing night celebrating the winter holiday season with Avail Technologies, Inc. at the Mountain View Country Club. Star Valle Entertainment and Decor created the wonderful hanging snowflakes, centerpieces and large trees in the ballroom. The various colors highlighted Avail’s logo colors alongside the colors of the holiday season creating a wonderful winter wonderland inside!

The Mountain View Country Club staff crafted a marvelous selection of hors d’oeuvres, dining selections and after dinner snacks for Avail and their guests. After dinner, the guests had the opportunity to participate in horse racing escapades. Avail employees were gifted tickets to be placed in boxes in front raffle items. After the raffle, Dorsey Houtz, President/CEO of Avail Technologies, Inc., thanked his employees for a very successful year. Avail employees and guests were then invited to the dance with the musical selections from And We Danced DJ Entertainment. While many guests were on the dance floor, others could not wait to grab some props and pose behind Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths Big Red Camera!

Avail Technologies chose a beautiful 2×6, 4-picture, black with gold snowflakes border to highlight their holiday extravaganza. The photo booth was stationed next to the long bank of windows in the ballroom. Guests were quickly donning hats, boas and glasses while grabbing hand held props between each picture. While in line, guests were giggling at the people behind the camera and even helping the posing guests with photo booth props. Avail guests didn’t only take one photo booth strip home but quite a few! Many posed with their significant others and also with friends. Avail’s President/CEO, Dorsey Houtz, made quite a few appearances behind the Big Red Camera with family and guests!

Thank you Avail Technologies, Inc. for choosing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be a part of your holiday season!

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Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had the recent pleasure of celebrating Avery and Griffin’s B’nai Mitzvah at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center. Avery and Griffin chose a fun-filled, 4×6, 4-picture, paint splattered border for the nights picture posing activities. The brothers were not shy behind the Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths BIG camera. They continuously changed props with friends and family as they posed behind the BIG camera. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths captured family and friends showing their charming smiles along with their silliness as they posed for pictures.

And We Danced DJ Entertainment furnished the lively tunes for all to enjoy that night and the stunning, blue uplighting which created an incredible ambiance. Star Valle Entertainment and Decor furnished the dazzling balloon decorations in the room. Balloons were mounted on the ceiling dangling over the dance floor, and balloons were crafted into beautiful center piece arrangements. Sara Rosenberger Blose of Bona Fide Photography was the wonderful photographer capturing the excitement and enthusiasm that night. The Penn Stater’s Eric Paul Olbrich was the awesome organizer for the B’nai Mitzvah helping the events run smoothly.

A Mitzvah service is an event where a 13-year-old boy or 12 or 13-year-old year girl is recognized as an adult in the Jewish tradition. They are now responsible and held accountable for performing the commandments that are in specified in the Torah. The Bar or Bat in front of the Mitzvah designates either a boy or girl. Bar or Bat Mitzvah means “son or daughter of the commandment.” If two or more boys celebrate their Mitzvah, it is called a B’nai Mitzvah. If two or more girls celebrate a Mitzvah, it is called a B’not Mitzvah. A B’nai Mitzvah is also the name used to designate if two or more people of different genders are celebrating a Mitzvah together.

Thank you Avery, Griffin, Kate and Stuart for choosing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be a part of your B’nai Mitzvah. Mazel Tov Avery and Griffin!

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