Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths had the pleasure of recently celebrating the holiday season with Geisinger Gray’s Woods Gastroenterology (GI) Department at General Potter Farm. The guests were served various finger foods throughout the night as they talked, danced and listened to sets of songs by a live band that spanned the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. Emily Suvock was the fantastic organizer of this marvelous social.

Emily picked a beautiful 2×6, 4-picture border that was black with gold snowflakes for the event. The text was also in gold. Guests picked from an array of hats, hand-held props, masks, boas, glasses, and frames to dress themselves before heading behind the camera. Since there were four shots, and limited time between shots, guests grabbed a few extra props to change between sets. Many times friends were waiting along the sidelines before photobombing a few pictures. Family and friends were continuously smiling, posing and wowing the crowd with their awesome photo ideas. The prop that saw the most action that night was the plunger hat. This hat saw more action than a normal plunger sees in a year of unclogging facilities!

Geisinger’s Gray’s Woods Gastroenterology (GI) Department works with human digestive tracts and treats diseases occurring there. From the American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies manual, “The digestive system or gastrointestinal system is composed of organs that work to break down food, absorb nutrients and to eliminate waste” (American Red Cross 60). These GI doctors have training in internal medicine and advanced training in potential problems in the digestive tract. GI doctors are specialists that are typically seen after your primary care doctor makes a referral.

Thank you Emily and Geisinger’s Gray’s Woods Gastroenterology (GI) Department for allowing Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths to be part of your 2019 holiday party!

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